Legal Services and Solutions for Life’s Experiences

We experience many things in life that are unpleasant.  Your husband or wife unexpectedly serves you with divorce papers.  Medical bills, overwhelming credit card debt, and a loss of income leave you unable to sleep at night as you consider filing for bankruptcy.  A parent dies without a will leaving property and various bank accounts and bills owed.  What do you do?

Yet life brings many positive experiences as well.  You and your family, after years of saving stand ready to purchase a home.  You want to start your own business, but wonder if you should incorporate it.  You want to marry your boyfriend but he is in the country without papers.  Will the marriage legalize his status?

These positive and negative life experiences and others you may face, require you to seek legal assistance.  The Law Offices of Gail M. Walton, Esq. are here to provide the legal services and solutions you need at these and other times in your life.

This law firm strives to give you quality legal representation and service in a caring environment.  We are a multi disciplinary practice, uniquely qualified to assist you in situations that involve many interrelated areas of the law.  We never lose sight of you, the client as an individual experiencing your own particular challenges in life.

We are here to help you.